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Game Info

Game : Grim Earth

Platform : PC / Steam

Release Date : 14th October 2021

Developer : George Allan

Publisher : Clockwork Pixels Ltd

USD : 14.99

EUR : 12.49

GBP : 10.99


Adventure through a Grim and yet beautiful Earth, teeming with life, humour and killer robots. Features hand-drawn art and keyboard-typed code, created over five years by a single developer ... help!


OMG, look at the Earth ... it's Grim!

5000 years from now, a series of apocalyptic events have shaped our once beautiful home into an entirely different world. It's not all bad news though. Countless alien invasions have made it a vibrant place to live and biodiversity is at an all time high, although most of it is not too friendly and should be avoided.

Grim Earth is a 2D platform game inspired by SNES/Amiga era gameplay, with a blend of action, exploration and puzzle solving. It features hand-drawn art, a dry sense of humour and is free of bloody gore ... although there are plenty of explosions, alien splats and flying robot parts!

  • Master the Upgrade Transport Network to reach new heights, but watch out for hacked terminals or you'll pop!
  • Unlock hidden chests to collect and share reality-altering hexadecimal codes. Is this all just a simulation?
  • Explore XP locked areas and speed through timed challenges: designed for the more experienced adventurer.
  • Customize your spacesuit, maybe cos-play as a bee ... or even an ant?

Grab your spacesuit (the air's not so great) and go on a retro-platform-game adventure!


All these screens are included in the Grim Earth Assets download.
Click a screen (or use 'Save Link As') to grab the 1080p images.

About the Developer

Hello, my name's George. I've been an indie-game-dev for 17 years.

I learned to program on the Vic-20 (a beautiful computer) and later learned machine code on the C64, writing several games, some of which were published by Commodore Disk Magazine for actual money ... enough to buy an Expert Cartridge!

After school I spent my college grant money on an Amiga 500. I dropped out with a 'D' in Fortran, but managed to write the game that got me a job at Gremlin Graphics. I wrote several Amiga games with some awesome artists, including the original Zool.

I went on to code Pitfall on the Megadrive (Activision), Mortal Kombat Trilogy on the PlayStation (Probe) and co-coded Trainz in Australia for Auran. On coming back to the UK, there was no games industry where I lived, so I decided to write indie games (it was still 'shareware' back then) and released 15 games over the next decade, with varying degrees of success.

I ported my engine to iOS, Mac & Android and released several titles, but unfortunately the App Store went all F2P on me, so I happily headed back to the PC ... easily the most indie-friendly platform!

Grim Earth's Development

Grim Earth is very much based on my love of 16-bit platformers; I coded Zool (Amiga) and Pitfall (Megadrive) back in the 90s. I wanted to create something I'd enjoy expanding into a series of games, so of course it had to be sci-fi and post-apocalyptic in nature.

Originally the game was to take a year, but it took some time to settle on the hand-drawn art style (which allows me to draw the game's art away from a monitor) and the engine took several iterations before it was solid enough to keep making games with.

Grim Earth has taken five (!) years to develop. I've learned a lot about what works and what I could have done way better. I'm hoping to start a YouTube channel about the experience and to devlog the next Grim Earth title.

I'm excited to see if Grim Earth will sink or swim ... I'll be happy if it just paddles around for a bit!

Asset Pack

You'll find some high-res logos/assets included in the Grim Earth Assets download.
Please email me if you need something specific from the game's assets